• It already is.

    The word "cyber" is pretty 20th century lame. But anyway, socializing via the Internet or our phones or whatever is already a social norm. Sites like Facebook are extremely popular. We're able to keep in contact with friends, family and work associates because of it. There's not a whole lot left to do that would make it more normal.

  • Cyber socializing will become a social norm

    Cyber socializing will become a social norm. This is because of the fact that cyber socializing has already become the social norm through continued and widespread usage. Practically everybody socializes through cybernetic pathways, and this will only remain the norm if not become even more prevalent as technology continues to expand.

  • It already is a social norm.

    I think cyber socializing is a social norm now. I do not know of anyone who hasn't been on one social networking site or another. I have met people in person from Twitter. And this started a long time ago in the 90s with AOL and Yahoo chatrooms and the like.

  • It is normal now.

    Cyber socialism is a social norm, because people talk on Facebook more than ever before. Anymore, more than ever, relationships can start on line. People all spend at least an hour a day on Facebook, if not more. Socializing on facebook has long become a social norm, and something we all do.

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