Do you believe DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) Should be Kept?

Asked by: taohz2
  • Its not their fault!

    My opinion is these children didn't ask to be born in Mexico and brought here illegally! These didn't know that their upraising was in a place where they weren't excepted. My thought is just put yourself in their shoes, You grew up here in America this is what you know as home and you didn't know anything else then one day ICE comes and takes you and your parents away and insists that you must return to a place you didn't even know you came from! Like that's just not fair and DACA will help prevent this, With DACA you don't have to put these kids through the torture of going through this!

  • Yes, but their parents should be deported

    Yes, I believe that DACA should be kept for the sole reason that the DACA recipients did not choose to come here illegally. I want them to live normal lives and I think they will contribute to the American society, which is a very good thing to do. People on the pro-DACA side also want to not split families up. Now I think this is stretching DACA a little too far. Their parents SHOULD be deported because they are the ones who brought their innocent children here illegally. They are the ones who caused this problem. Companies and these parents of DACA kids have lead to illegal aliens being paid less than minimum wage and being able to work here. Companies should have more restrictions not to do this and it needs to be inspected by the government. And the DACA parents or illegal aliens need to be deported and they are taking jobs that homeless Americans could be taking. And we as a society need to encourage the homeless to be able to pursue jobs and illegal aliens like the DACA parents don't deserve to be here. These illegal aliens should not be protected by the American government while we still have millions of people who are going through the legal process and waiting decades to legally come to the greatest country on Earth. Once again, DACA kids should be granted amnesty, but their parents should be deported. And this is not a race thing. These illegal DACA parents should be deported to wherever they come from, regardless of if they got here by crossing the border or coming through a plane.

  • The majority of DACA recipients are not thirty year old men

    Contrary to popular belief; only 11% of DACA recipients are over the age of 30, and only 48% of that 11% are men. The average age for a DACA recipient is 24, and the majority of recipients are women. All are 36 and under, and a good third are teenagers. 890,000 undocumented refugees were in the U.S. as of September 2017, and only 40,000 got their green cards. The green card process takes approx 2 years to complete per person. To deport all these Dreamers and refugees before they can get their legal citizenship in this rushed time constraint while the government takes way too long for to accept one human being is inconsiderate. Because of this, many dreamer girls are being pressured into marriages to U.S. citizens just so they wont be deported. Oh, worried that they are all terrorists? Well as of 9/11, there have been 390 terrorist cases in the U.S. 30 have been killed, and 6 were charged outside of the U.S. It's time to stop the stereotyping.

  • Punishing kids for their parents mistake is wrong

    I don't think punishing people who were kids when their parents brought them here is the way to deal with the issue. Abolishing DACA does nothing positive for anyone involved in the debate. We need to have DACA extended and make sure the young people who are in the program are given a path to citizenship.
    Throwing these kids out with no place to go is more than wrong. It's evil. Many of them can't speak the language of the country they were born in. They know nothing about the country they were born in.
    This is a dangerous and wrong headed way to deal with this issue.

  • It wasn't their choice to be here.

    Most kids who are under DACA were brought here at an incredibly young age. They were not the ones who decided to leave their original country, it was their parents decision. It would also cost the government billions of dollars to deport all of the DACA recipients. It would also end up having serious repercussions on the economy For most teenagers or kids under DACA it is the only real thing that allows them to have a semi normal life. Without DACA they could not get their drivers license or a proper job. With DACA they can do all of that now. Its just better to keep DACA the way it is.

  • This is my personal opinion so it might not all be right

    DACA is a program meant to help those that require for it, and just because it’s “illegal” it has benefited so many people. The program is meant to allow illegal immigrants who qualify to be able to live here in u.S, people who are running away from their own country for various reason like war, racism, and poverty. In my opinion, DACA was established to help those people who need it, I don’t see how DACA negatively affect anyone but those that are racist. Ending DACA will affect more than just deporting some people, it will affect families, the economy, and how the world see the united states. Some say that DACA is illegal, which can be justified but if it helps people and the economy is it really considered illegal? Since when is helping our society and economy illegal?

  • These are Students.

    These kids were brought at an age when they didn't know they were breaking the law, some never knew they weren't American Citizens until they were older, hell some don't even speak their first language. These children pay taxes go to school work obtain licenses and stimulate the economy buying houses, cars and consumer goods. I've meet two Illegal aliens in my life one owned a house and another a car respectively through DACA. They payed taxes had high paying skilled jobs and had love for our country. These people have never committed crimes, nor questioned the government when they were asked to hand all of their information over. If these young students, fathers, mothers aren't allowed to be Americans I don't know who is.

  • We have our own children to think about.

    What about the kids in the orphanage and on the streets? How are we gonna help an illegal immigrants child when we have children who need our help already? The children in the orphanages and on the streets that needs education, food and water, clean clothes, a roof over their head, and loving families.Help the children in our country first, then worry about other countries children.

  • There are many people all over the world who would like to come here and can't.

    There are many people all over the world who would like to come here and can't. We can't take in everyone. Why should the ones who come illegally be allowed to stay? They should go back to their country and get in line and do what needs to be done to get here. That's what my great-great grandparents did.

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