Do you believe Daron Dylon Wint killed Savvas Savopoulos and his family?

  • Daron Dylon Wint is guilty in Triple murder

    There is DNA evidence in the murder case consisting of a pizza crust with Daron Wint's DNA on it. Fortunately we now take DNA from all felons, so when the pizza was found, we matched his DNA in the federal database. This evidence is hard to challenge and there is other circumstantial evidence along with this. A court will definitely find this animal guilty.

  • The pizza question

    Is this. Wint's DNA was found on the pizza left in the room with the three adults; it was reported this pizza was less than half eaten and there was another untouched pizza, accounting for the two ordered. If this is undisputable, Wint was in that room. The police suspect Went had accomplices. What did they eat? Was there something in the refrigerator more appealing? Wint could have acted alone and he had the upper hand.

  • It looks like it

    He has been in trouble with the law before. He has a violent history that involves assault and threats. He worked for the company that the man he killed was CEO of. And his DNA was on the pizza crust that was delivered to the house while the family and their house keeper were bound and doused with gas, being tortured.

  • Without a shadow of a doubt.

    Wint displays all the elements of someone who has started his criminal activity at a lower level and escalated it. All the circumstantial evidence supports the indisputable DNA (physical) evidence found at the scene of the crime. That he has kept quiet during his arrest and has yet to enter a plea only tip the scales further in the opposite direction of his supposed innocence. Finally, though his (and his accomplices) initial intent may not have been to kill the family, the blood-lust that follows a 20hour+ captivity situation and the obvious mistakes that would have been made in this hostage situation left little room to escape while leaving witnesses behind who could positively identify him/them.

  • Daron Dylon Wint alleged killing spree has cops offering proof

    The police have apprehended Daron Dylon Wint, the alleged killer of the Savopoulos family, and with his capture offered proof the man was involved. The twist in the case that has people believing this is the right man is all based on pizza. The police are suggesting DNA found on pizza crust lead them to naming a suspect who was at the home during the killing spree. Science, once again, offer proofs of a suspect involved in this horrible crime.

  • Evidence is yet sufficient enough to convict Daron Dylon Wint

    There is yet enough evidence to prove beyond a doubt that Daron Dylon Wint indeed committed this terrible murder of Savvas Savopoulos and his family. There is yet to be a direct motive for the crime, and as of now, I do not believe Daron Dylon Wint committed this crime.

  • No one knows for sure at this point

    I am a firm believer in innocent till proven guilty. Unfortunately I seem to be about the only one. The news media certainly isn't, that much is obvious. This is a man of interest right now, it hasn't been proven that he actually killed someone. But to hear the news media talk he is already guilty. I think this is why even when someone is found not guilty society has a hard time accepting that its true because of the picture that was painted of them in the news media.

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Stefy says2015-05-23T02:30:58.113
Is this even a real controversy or justs another thing to try convince us that the white race is being persecuted. (legit not sarcasm meant genuine question that sounds stupd because i dont words)