Do you believe Darren Sharper was involved in the rape incidents he is being charged with?

  • Yes, I think Darren Sharper was involved in the rape incidents he has been charged with.

    I think there is more then enough evidence and direct witnesses that the accusations hold some weight against Darren Sharper, I think that the courts will ultimately be able to determine if he is guilty or not but overall I think the case looks very unfavorable agains him with what is known in public knowledge.

  • Yes, Darren Sharper is guilty of rape

    Yes, Darren Sharper was almost certainly involved in the rape incidents that the LAPD is charging him with. There is a wealth of evidence indicating that he, along with an accomplice, drugged multiple women or used alcohol in such abundance that the women passed out, after which Sharper committed rape by engaging in non-consensual sexual acts with the women.

  • Yes, several different victims accuse him

    It seems more likely that Darren Sharper is lying than that
    the four different women who accuse him are all lying. There are also sex crime
    investigations centered on him active in Florida Louisiana, Nevada and Arizona.
    While it is possible that there is a massive conspiracy against this
    ex-football star in four states, it seems more reasonable to believe that he
    has a pattern of sexual assault. Of course, we still have to wait until the jury
    renders its verdict.

  • Impossible to say

    In America the general principle that a person is innocent until proven guilty should be accepted in all cases. Especially when the cases hit the news it would be wrong to believe a person guilty before the person goes before the courts. That does not represent a just world or proper system.

  • Yes, I do.

    I am a bit torn on this case, because when someone is accused of rape you want someone to pay for it, but I have not seen evidence of these rape cases. I mean real, convincing evidence. Just because more than one person says something doesn't mean it's the case.

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