• I know Dave has

    I loved Dave Chappelle. To this date I have never seen or heard a greater comedian in my life. But that Dave Chappelle is no longer with us. His revamped career is a shell of his former self and I almost wish that he never came back.

    The saddest thing for me was meeting Dave. It was in Washington DC just after Obama became president. I couldn't believe it. I'm big into stand up comedy and Dave meant a lot to me. But when we met in DC, He was clearly under the influence of something strong. I deal with people on drugs for a living. I can usually tell what drugs somebody is on really easily. I don't know exactly what Dave was on. It was something you don't see often. He was cognizant and aware. Wasn't slurring. But mentally he was so out of it. It was like he had the mentality of a 5 year old seeing something amazing for the first time. I believe it was possibly ecstasy or LSD. It clearly affected his perception of what was going on and we pretty much ended up baby sitting one if my idles. Very sad. And when he came back he has changed so much and is a shell of his former self. It would have been better if he never came back at all and I never met him.

  • Dave Chappelle has done more than a little weed.

    At the risk of sounding like I am prejudice against him for whatever reason, I believe Dave Chappelle has done cocaine. His show has too many drug references for him not to have ever been directly involved in drugs of the profit making kind. Lets face it, marijuana makes almost no money compared to the other drugs. He had to start somewhere. Life as a young comic is not luxurious by any means. Yet, his start seemed to be well funded. There are too many factors for me to think he has not done drugs. More factors than would suggest he has not. Maybe I am prejudice then. Or maybe I have direct experience in the matter.

  • Easy drug access

    Yes, I believe that Dave probably has used hard drugs in the past, simply because the access to drugs for famous people is enormous, and the pressure of being famous can sometimes push people to drugs. I do not think however that he is hooked on these hard drugs now.

  • They all have.

    Yes, I believe that Dave Chappelle used hard drugs, because most entertainers have. Most entertainers stick to that business because they're trying to hide and cover up for demons in their past. Chappelle has probably tried to drugs that are so available to all entertainers and performers who are successful and well-known.

  • No just week

    I don't think Dave Chappelle has used anything stronger than weed or alcohol. In his comedy he has discussed his experience with weed. He has also said he has not done harder drugs. There is no reason to think differently in his case. He has been upfront about what he has used so why think he lies about what he hasn't?

  • He has not, As he himself has said.

    Dave Chapelle's many drug references in comedy derive from his experiences living in Washington DC. He does not like crackheads, As one broke his car window to steal a candy bar, And he witnessed several others doing dumb shit. He does not do any hard drugs! Just because he is a celebrity does not mean he has to do drugs! He does smoke weed and drink, However. Don't assume things about people based on other people around them.

  • It's Not Likely

    I do not believe Dave Chappelle has used hard drugs or at least I think it is very likely. I believe Dave Chappelle had a very good career but he was dissuaded from success due to society. I feel he was dissatisfied with responses to his comedy and often did not see eye to eye with other people's view points. As a member of the Islam faith, he does not drink alcohol and he currently live in Ohio with his family on a large tract of land. This doesn't really sound like a drug user to me, just someone who isn't pleased with society in general.

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