Do you believe Dave Chappelle has any connection to the Illuminati?

  • I believe so

    The reason I believe he is is because his face is more of a triangle shape. I mean, look at it! It looks like a freaking Dorito! If y'all are saying no, y'all are wrong. You can't not think that he isn't the Illuminati leader. It's the most obvious thing ever.

  • I highly doubt Chappelle is connected to the Illuminati

    There is no evidence that I could think of to suggest that Dave Chappelle would be connected to the Illuminati. Certainly, Chappelle walked away from his show and has had a return that has been a little bit bumpy. I would not think it would be the Illuminati that was the driving force behind it. It is probably just being an eclectic individual.

  • No, I Don't

    I do not believe Dave Chappelle has any connection to the Illuminati. The question seems outright strange to me. Dave Chappelle is a comedian who is mostly known for his TV show, of which he encountered problems with. He spent some time in Africa, but he now lives in Ohio with his family. He practices Islam.

  • I do not believe the Illuminati exist, and even if they did Dave Chappelle woud not belong.

    I think the stories of the Illuminati are just that, stories. People are so willing to believe in secret societies and conspiracy theories. I do believe in groups like the Freemasons, and I do believe they were a huge part of making the United States what it is. But as far as the Illuminati, that is far fetched. And these days every celebrity is associated with it. I doubt Oprah is sitting there with Beyonce and Brittany Spears in robes chanting around a fire.

  • He's a performer

    Chappelle left the US for South Africa because of the pressure of success had gotten to him - something that had happened many times before to many celebrities, with usually far more tragic endings. Chappelle is almost definitely not involved with the IlIuminati, even if that were a real organization.

  • He denis it.

    No I do not believe that Dave Chappelle has any connection to the Illuminati, because he is not a man of privilege. Other people deny that Chappelle is a part of the Illuminati, saying that Chappelle is not the type of person that the Illuminati would want. There's no other evidence that he is involved.

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