• Yes, they provide important social interactions.

    Yes, day care facilities are good for children because they allow for positive social interactions with other children at a young age. Kids need to learn how to interact with others, and day care centers teach them how to share and other social skills. A good day care will also offer educational programs to begin the lifelong learning process.

  • I believe GOOD day cares are good for children.

    The hardest decision I ever had to make was selecting a day care for my children. I was lucky. My children profited from their time in day care. They learned to exist in a world with others their own age instead of sitting home wanting to watch TV or play video games all the time. I was proud of their development and pleased with my decision.

  • Day Cares are good

    I do believe that day cares are good for children, especially when both of their parents are working. Day cares provide children a way to interact with others, which is very important to growth. Social interaction is one of the top ways for children to develop a variety of different skills needed.

  • In many ways

    Day cares are good for children because they can provide a bridge between home life and school life. They give opportunities for socialization that are not available by staying at home, and this is important as the child develops. It also gives the parents a break and allows them to work.

  • No, day cares are not good for children.

    I do not believe that day cares are good for children. I think that a child can benefit more from being raised most of the day at home by their parents. But of course, that isn't always going to be the case. I think that if there are no other options, then daycares are okay.

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