Do you believe defense spending should receive more funding (yes) or should the scheduled cuts go on as planned (no)?

  • You have to spend to defend

    I feel like we need more money to make sure that we stay safe. It is hard enough now to keep the nation safe and we are still not 100% safe. Now they want to cut the budget which could put us at risk while the bad guys try to find the holes that the cutbacks made. I understand that we need to cut money from the budget but it will not matter if we go bankrupt if we are hit by a nuke.

  • Yes, I think defense spending should recieve more funding.

    I think that defense spending should continue to receive more funding. I do not believe that the scheduled cuts should go on as planned. I think they're a big mistake actually. The military force of the United States of America should continue to be funded well in an effort for America to maintain our reputation as the world's super power.

  • It's a mistake to cut defense spending.

    I think this is the wrong time to be cutting defense spending and scaling back on our armed forces. There's too much unrest in too many places right now and this sends the wrong message. So maybe the proposed cuts aren't REALLY going to happen?? Maybe it's just number crunching and paper shuffling?

  • Defense spending should be cut.

    Defense spending is important. The current rate of defense spending by the US is more than the next five countries in the world put together. We can still be on top even if we cut spending in half. The issue of defense spending is often not demands by the soldiers, but by defense contractors. Companies like Lockheed Martin sponsor candidates through super pacs in order to gain the influence of these politicians to spend more money on their products. That is how defense spending stays so high.

  • Cut, Cut, Cut!

    I do not believe the defense spending should receive more funding. The planned cuts should proceed. Our military is very wasteful so I feel they could do a lot more with the funds they receive however, I am glad to hear that we will be reducing the military given that we're wrapping up our useless little wars.

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