• Sanctions can help bring countries to abide by international law.

    Democracy can be promoted through sanctions. This is because sometimes pressure must be used to force people into abiding by the law or adhering to acceptable norms. Sanctions are used against countries to help them abide by international law. It is better than going war and it is frequently quite effective.

  • I do not believe democracy can be promoted through sanctions

    Democracy can not be promoted through sanctions because it won't work. In my opinion, it would be pointless and have unnecessary punishments. I feel as if there are many other ways to promote democracy, since apparently, "it needs" to be promoted. There are enough laws already. Stop taking people's freedom.

  • No It Can't

    I do not believe democracy can be promoted through sanctions. I do not believe democracy can be forced and I don't think it is proper to try and force it. I believe there are other forms of government that work as well, so sanctions to maintain or force democracy should be avoided.

  • No, sanctions don't cause democracy.

    Whenever you hear the word sanction, it means that a lesser country is being punished by a more powerful country for doing things the more powerful country deems unacceptable. How you can promote democracy through a method such as this one is impossible for me to understand. But, it beats war

  • Sends the wrong message

    Sanctions are not going to convince other countries to change to democracy, and doing this sends the exact wrong message to people who we're trying to, ostensibly, get to become allies. Ultimately, in this way, the democracy will not be suggested but imposed, something that inherently leads to a great failure.

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