• American democracy is indeed dependent upon a free press —

    Yet it’s unfortunate that the people who have posted here fail to acknowledge that our “free press” is under attack by the Trump administration. Instead, They are faulting our free press. Our press holds people accountable — without a free press — President Nixon wouldn’t have been held accountable and impeached from office. I’m “all for” Journalism Ethics — hardcore standards to report responsibly and factual without bias — yet I am also for Editorial content too. I’ve been an editorial columnist for 15 years, I am all too familiar with the importance it holds to our American democracy.

    Moreover, After reading many of these posts I’m flabbergasted that everyone missed the main component in this debate — that being the word “free” and / or our “freedoms. ” You see folks, Being an American means that we have the “freedom of choice. ” The freedoms to chose which newspaper or news network we follow or watch — rather than having a “state-run” (government controlled media that is forced upon us without any other options.
    News and Media in many cases is guided and dependent upon advertisers and sales. Because of this, News has “demographics. ” Demographics is a “target audience” and or “targeted readers. ” Cable news networks — as well as newspapers” all target a certain specific audience according to political affiliation / age / gender / race / etc.

    For example: CNN targets Democrats & Independents MSNBC targets far left Democrats while FOX News targets Republicans (moderates & conservatives) and Trump supporters. Out of all three networks, CNN tends to be the more balanced, Objective cable news networks because most of their editorial content includes one Democrat pundit & one Republican pundit who debate each other — while FOX NEWS utilizes most all Republican pundits and MSNBC utilizes almost all Democrat learning pundits. (There’s no gray area w/ FOX NEWS or MSNBC. ( CNN does lean left, But they still offer views from both sides of the political isle / spectrum.

    We are at a low point in America today. Trump has declared war on our American Media. This is a threat to our Democracy. I am numb that nobody on here recognizes it. . If it were left up to President Trump, We would indeed be living under the control of his dictatorship — and that should strike the fear of God into everyone. Our president has brainwashed Americans into believing that our media is the enemy. That is without merit, And it’s undeniably WRONG! We can not live in a nation where the media is forced to report only “good things” about our President, Just as we shouldn’tallow our president to define which news is “fake news” or “authentic news. ” That is our choice to make — it’s called our amendment right. . . “freedom of choice. ”

    When we begin to surrender our freedoms to the government — then we are no longer a democracy — so we can not ever allow that to happen no matter which presidential candidate you support.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe Democracy is dependent on free press. I believe this is a problem the United States is dealing with right now. I believe the United States has pressured our major media providers into not covering certain topics. I feel like this is a grave disservice and it negatively impacts democracy.

  • Yes, I think Democracy is dependent on free press.

    I think a free press is vitial to democracy, the people of the nation need to be getting fair and accurate information from the media so they can make informed decisions at the ballot box on who they are going to elect, if the media is misleading and covering for the Government it leads to an uninformed public which is very bad in Democracy.

  • Free press is needed in a democracy.

    Free press and free speech is an important part of democracy. The press shouldn't be allowed to harass people like they do a lot of the time. It is important, however, that they are allowed to express opinions, views, and report the news freely so the public can know what is going on around them.

  • It's one of the reasons we have flourished.

    I think that a free press is one of the main reasons that Democracy has flourished where I live. Granted, the freedom of the press only means the person who owns the press is free to print what they want. But I think we have enough alternative news sources and blogs now that promote transparency and keep our government honest.

  • Democracy Depends on Free People

    Democracy depends upon free people, which includes freedom of the press. Democracy depends on the will of the people who have freedom to go about their daily business with minimal government intrusions. Freedom of the press is one aspect of democracy, but it isn't the only facet of freedom that makes this kind of government work.

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