• Yes, Democracy is enhanced by community rado

    Community radio serves local populations and keeps them updated on issues and events that concern their areas. These broadcasts would be less likely to be influenced by big business or high-level politics than radio stations catering to a larger audience. Community radio is more likely to be run by people living in the community, with a vested interest in the welfare of the area. Keeping up with relevant issues is an important aspect of Democracy and community radio stations usually make this a priority of their broadcasts. Community radio also usually advocates for higher levels of involvement in a community, which is also very important to the success of a democratic state.

  • Enhanced By Community Radio

    I personally think that Democracy is enhanced by community radio because the community radio pumps the Democracy up majority of the time. I personally think that Democracy has been enhanced on the community radio it has made people choose their side not knowing what they got themselves into. I personally think that Democracy is enhanced by the public.

  • Yes, I do believe so.

    Community radio can help enhance Democracy by influencing people to want to vote. It could also help people decide to vote a certain way, which would be useful for a candidate to use a community radio to their advantage. Since a lot of people still listen to the radio today, it can have a pretty large impact.

  • Democracy over the radio.

    Democracy is enhanced by community radio. This is because it gives the topics of everyday people a sounding board and makes others also more attuned to what is going on in America's communities. If we were to get rid of community radio it would certainly take a piece of expressive democracy away.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that a community radio enhances a democracy at all. I think that the main thing that can enhance a democracy is the government treating the people fair, and giving them all of the rights that they are entitled to, and not trying to take those.

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