• Yes, Derek Carr can be Good

    Derek Carr is a pretty good quarterback in the NFL especially considering the fact that he is a rookie. He also beat out a seasoned veteran for the job and was starting in the NFL before a lot of other big name quarterbacks taken in the same draft at him. It is up to the Oakland Raiders as an organization to put a winning team around him. He is young so he definitely needs great protection, reliable receivers, and a decent run game.

  • Derek Carr can lead the Raiders to victory

    Derek Carr can lead the Oakland Raiders to victory. This is because he has been tested during the season and is prepped with his team. Although there is enormous pressure, it is part of the job, and some players thrive under pressure. Derek Carr will be able to help the Raiders win.

  • Derek Carr cannot lead the Oakland Raiders to victory

    He doesn't have what it takes. He could be blamed for the Raiders loss to Seattle. If he just would have avoided Richard Sherman there wouldn't have been an interception. Derek Carr just wanted to win so bad he made some crucial mistakes that resulted in an Oakland loss to the Seahawks.

  • I don't beleive Derek Carr can lead the Oakland Raiders to victory.

    I have watched football for many years and the one team I always cringe at, sadly is the Oakland raiders. They have had issues trying to stay to the top and trying to compete with all the other teams out there. Even though Derek Carr is doing very good this season, I'm not sure it will be enough to win them to victory as they have a LOT to work on.

  • No, I dont think that he can lead this team to victory.

    No, I dont believe that Derek Carr can lead the Oakland Raiders to victory because it takes a whole team to pull together to take the victory, not just one player. And personally, I dont think he is the best player on the team anyways. I think if they all work together it can be achieved though!

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