Do you believe digital media should be self regulated (yes) or state regulated (no)?

  • The state has enough to deal with as it is.

    Digital media should be self-regulated. This is because the state has enough problems to contend with on much higher levels, such as handling national and international terrorism. Digital media can be regulated by people assigned to be peace keepers, such as moderators. Moderators do a great job on websites in this area.

  • Digital Media should be self regulated

    Digital media has become huge over the past 10 years and it only makes sense that it should be controlled by a company. Self regulated sources of media should be able to set their own rules and guidelines as to what can be shown. State agencies should not have a say in digital media outlets.

  • Yes, digital media should be self regulated

    Digital media should be self regulated. Each person should have the freedom to use digital media to their own discretion and not have any governmental interference. Parents have responsibility to monitor their children's usage but other than that I think there should not be any restrictions or monitoring of adults digital media usage.

  • Open & Self Regulated

    I believe that digital media should be self regulated, it shouldn't be regulated by the state. I do not believe the state should carry the right to regulate or censor digital media for any reason. I believe a states job is to govern, not control things like the media because doing so is manipulative.

  • Self regulation does not work.

    Unfortunately, the depravity of humanity has no limits. If there is something you want to see or hear, it has either been done or said by someone. Even if the previous claim is not true, someone will do or say whatever someone else will pay for. There is a price for everything.

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