• Absolutely. It is long overdue.

    Belgium is an artificial state, a concoction of three separate nations that are culturally very different and united by little. As a result, Belgium has experienced years of strife between these nations, principally the Flemish and Walloons, resulting in non stop political turmoil and deadlock. It is time to take the obvious step and give these nations their independence within the European Union.

  • Belgium should be divided.

    Belgium is at a perfect point in history at which to divide. If instability became an issue after dividing, then the EU would be able to quickly step in because of the amount of power with which they can yield at this point. If they are unable to resolve their differences soon, the split could come at a much worse time in the Europe.

  • No, dividing the country of Belgium would not be logical.

    There is simply no reason for the country of Belgium to be divided. Belgium has a long standing history which gives the people a sense of identity. Furthermore, there would be no economic or political advantage to divide the country as there is nothing that would bring the people or the government to seperate at this time.

  • No, I do not think there would be any benefit to dividing Belgium.

    I think that there would be a lot of social issues that arise from Belgium dividing as a nation. As a nation, there would also not be a financial advantage to it as well. And should they divide as a country, there is the issue of land distribution that might become a problem as well.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that it would be beneficial at all for us to divide up Belgium. Then need to stay united as one country, and if they did split into two different sides it would cause a very large problem that they would soon see, and would hurt them.

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