• Without a doubt it's too easy.

    Divorce is definitely too easy. I guarantee you of those 50% divorces that some of those Marriage's could've been fixed. If more people worked at their Marriage the divorce rate would be a lot lower. Even in the case of cheating if the cheating spouse came to the other spouse and said they were sorry and was willing to restore their Marriage the other spouse should be willing to work with them and give them another chance since nobody is perfect and since Marriage is about making a lifelong commitment to each other. Because what God has joined together let No Man Separate. Also Divorce hurts Children because children Need a Mom and a Dad together in the Children life's if possible. Yes I understand divorce sometimes is necessary. But I'm trying to say that it's definitely too easy to give up on marriage in our society.

  • It's Not Easy Enough

    If divorce was easier, people could escape domestic violence more easily. A number of marriages were never meant to be, and if someone cheats, abuses, or is a deadbeat, people should be able to end the relationship just as easy as breaking up with someone else. Sometimes people divorce too soon, but other times it's neccessary.

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