• Yes they do.

    What treatment do you think a surgeon has to offer? Of course it is surgery.

    The term "unnecessary" varies widely. Some physicians would call a surgery necessary, While other would say it is not. The lay person's opinion would no doubt have a wider range of variance.

    Also there are plenty or surgeries that people want or even demand, Could those be considered unnecessary? Examples include breast implants, Nose jobs, Benign growth removals, Abortions.

    There are also surgeons that recommend and perform absolutely worthless surgeries. These are criminal and should be prosecuted as such.

  • Some surgeries are not needed.

    Doctors in a America do sometimes perform unnecessary surgeries. Many cancer surgeries could be prevented if alternative therapies proven in other countries were available here under a paid insurance plan. America, on a whole, is more obsessed with allopathic medicine who does not always perform the most necessary procedures for patients.

  • Yes, I believe doctors in America perform unnecessary surgeries

    There is still so much about how the human body works that we as a species do not understand. Some doctors are too quick to assume that they understand what is going on and then acting on those quick assumptions. Most diseases and illnesses have many symptoms which could be due to any number of problems. It often takes time and patience to properly diagnose a patient, and I believe many doctors are too fixated on income rather than care, so they rush into the operating room rather than explore all other options first.

  • Yes, I do beleive doctors in America perform unnecessary surgeries.

    With the will to pay for all of the expensive equipment and their own salary, Doctors would probably perform some unnecessary surgeries. People are just learning that surgeries like an MCL reconstruction may not be necessary for some or many of the people receiving the surgery. With this in mind, you can come to the conclusion that Doctors would be willing to do this.

  • Yes, I believe doctors everywhere perform unnecessary surgeries.

    As with any occupation, I believe there are some doctors who are a little more thorough than others. I am relatively sure there are many unnecessary diagnostic tests performed every day in this country due to the threat of malpractice suits. I also tend to believe there are unnecessary surgeries performed for the same reasons. If I were a doctor, I might schedule a Caesarean instead of allowing a natural birth.

  • No not really.

    The doctors in America do not perform unneeded surgeries. They try their best to help people and other Americans and yes sometimes they are not perfect or perform a surgery we might not of known about but I do know that sometimes it is better to try and get rid of an issue before it is a big problem.

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