Do you believe Donald Trump when, according to the Toronto Sun, has said 560 total falsehoods in his campaign?

  • Yes, I think so.

    “I was against going into Iraq. And it’s so well-documented.”
    This is one of the original Trump falsifications, one that he used to help defeat Republican opponents vying for the leadership of the party. But there is no evidence he was ever against the war from the start.This is easy to dismiss as simple hyperbole, but it fits in an unusual category of Trump falsehoods: Ones that are ridiculous, and ridiculously obvious.Perhaps Trump was simply displaying his thin skin here. Or perhaps his ignorance.

  • I believe Donald trump despite the 560 falsehoods.

    Every politician has said falsehoods in their campaign or promised falsehoods. If people stopped believing politicians after they told a lie then the approval of the government would be worst than it already is. Almost no politicians would be believed. And if this principle is applied to the common world, so many relationships would be broken after falsehoods were said.

  • No, and I don't believe Hillary either.

    As the old joke goes, politics is simply the screaming of many blood-sucking parasites. If any of you believe much of anything a politician says on the campaign trail, stay away from car dealerships and stockbrokers. Never, not in a single campaign since I have been alive, has either side been very honest about anything. Whichever party you may be a part of, you should recognize that tells you more about where your candidate gets their money from, and not about their policies or what they actually care about.

  • He has proven himself to be dishonest.

    I find it very hard to believe Donald Trump based on the number of falsehoods that have been expressed throughout his campaign. With around 560 falsehoods in total, it is hard to determine whether something he claims or promises is truth or if it is a lie, proving him to be dishonest and untrustworthy.

  • No, I do not.

    Trump is a liar and he will say whatever he wants to get elected , to get people to like him, to get some more attention. He does not tell the truth. He will say anything to avoid looking bad, and in this day and age when fact checking is easy, it doesn't work.

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