• Yes,Dr.Death has the right to media attention.

    Just because his point of view may not be a popular one does not mean he has given up his constitutional rights.It's the listeners responsibility to filter his message according to their own life.There's no law saying that anyone has to listen to Dr.Death but he does retain his rights.

  • As is everyone

    Everyone is entitled to media attention because the media chooses its own targets. There are evil dictators that get massive amounts of media attention, so a single other person could not possibly be worse. The media makes decisions on what people want or should see, not who is really deserving.

  • Yes, Dr. Death has every right to media attention.

    As Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian may have been a little ahead of his time, but the subject of euthanasia for the terminally ill needed to be brought up and looked at. People need to have the right to decide when they have had enough pain and suffering due to a terminal condition. There are many of us who respect and support what he was doing. His mission to allow relief for those who requested it needs to continue to receive media attention.

  • It glorifies his murders.

    No, I do not believe that Dr. Death should have a right to medial attention, because it only glorifies and gives an audience to the terrible things that he does. The media has an ethical responsibility to not give audience to people who do things to harm society. Dr. Death has already had a detrimental effect, and he should be forgotten.

  • Not along lines of morality, but it's outdated

    Issues regarding terminating the life of old people if they request it are strange, with arguments on both sides. What is the severity that demands the ability to terminate one's own life? Certainly labeling it suicide is not fair. But I do think that with the economy the way it is, old people will be sticking around to change their will.

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