• believe drug addicts

    I personally agree,Bearing in mind I was thinking of these implications, I pointed out that drug addicts get "treated like drug addicts" too! I'm sure with the best of intentions, the contributor commented: "... I'm sure they all get treated like criminals, even
    when they've done nothing wrong. It's sad that people see any drug use as
    abuse, and any addiction as weakness or criminal activity."
    I get the sense that somehow my point was missed. Many people take drugs. Many people are addicted to drugs, whether prescribed or not. Many people are addicted to other things. Many people, whether addicted or not, commit crimes.

  • Drug addicts deserve compassion and treatment instead of jailtime.

    Instead of filling our prison system with drug users, we should strive to work on rehabilitating drug users and spending resources on treatment and care for these people instead of spending taxpayer dollars on prosecuting them. Drug use causes major physical and psychological addiction and we need to recognize the problems that drugs cause in the life of a user. Instead of treating them harshly, we as a society should recognize their addiction and help them solve their problems with compassion.

  • do you believe

    In an extensive ABCNEWS/Washington Post poll, Americans by a 2-1 margin, 62-32 percent, prefer a universal health insurance program over the current employer-based system. That support, however, is conditional: It falls to fewer than four in 10 if it means a limited choice of doctors, or waiting lists for non-emergency treatments.

  • Drug addicts deserve compassion because it is an illness.

    Yes, drug addicts deserve compassion. Addiction is an illness and some people are more prone to this illness than others. Most of the time they need help to quit the drugs and cannot do it alone without supportive care and emotional and psychological support. Detoxing off of drugs cause real symptoms like shaking, vomiting, headache, hallucinations, psychosis, agitation, and sweating. Yes, I do realize that they were the ones to start doing the drugs, which is upsetting, but they still need compassion. We are compassionate to obese people who eat themselves into a heart attack; which is basically what the drug addict did.

  • Good people deserve compassion, being a drug addict does not mean you are a good person otherwise.

    A 15 year old child from an abusive family who is forced onto drugs and made a prostitute is deserving of compassion differently from someone who is a mature adult who becomes addicted. Addicts are a subset of a normal population and some deserve compassion and sympathy, and others deserve our disapproval and rebuke. Such determinations cannot be made broadly about all addicts any more than they can for all people.

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