Do you believe drug-related offenses committed by celebrities should be punished more harshly than their non-celebrity counterparts?

  • Why not? Fame has been always used to spread a message.

    If everyone knows that committing a crime is certain hell, it deters them. Not all but for the most it deters and better way to show it than using media? Celebrities sure, yea they are human. So what?

    They have the ability to influence the world. People follow celebrities far more strongly than politicians. So yes they should have it harsher. One it deters celebrities from behaving inappropriately. Secondly when they do and fans see a celebrity of their liking take it hard.

    Sure they would have remorse and all that but it becomes a strong lesson to them and the rest, that it is not right to do wrong.

    It would something like publicly hanging a pirate and displaying their bodies in public to deter people from following such a path. Like that of seen in the movie pirates of the Caribbean.

  • I agree in equal punishment

    Much of the argument for harsher celebrity based penalties are the result of seemingly leniant treatment. The trouble with celebrities is once you are involved in such a case, you become a celebrity. Your every movement and word is scrutinized. If ever there was a more leniant case in your history as a judge, that is the standard that the celebrity must be held to. The alternative is a mistrial being claimed and all of your cases be brought back for consideration of a mistrial.

  • Not at all

    No, they should not be treated more harshly just because they are celebrities, but I do not think that they should be able to get out of things as easy as they do. They need to face the same punishments as someone who is not a celebrity has to face.

  • No, they should not be punsihed harsher

    You can't punish people because they are famous. Making an example out of someone is not the way to go. They are just people like the rest of us and should be treated the same. If they have 10 drug charges against them, that's a different story,but one is not enough to make them a case study.

  • Drug offenses committed by celebrities do not need to be punished more harshly than regular people.

    No, drug related offenses that are committed by celebrities should not be punished any harsher than anyone else. Celebrities who are caught in these types of illegal acts should be punished the same as an average non-famous citizen would be punished. With that in mind, neither should they receive lighter sentences.

  • I believe they should be treated the same

    I believe that all drug related crimes regardless of status should be treated equally. If the person is a public figure they should not get any special privileges that a normal citizen would receive. To do so undermines what the law is trying to impose. Why should someone with celebrity status get preferential treatment? It's insane.

  • They already got pain from society.

    As they committed the crime, the society will make a countless arrows of blame. Of course, criminal is a criminal, but if they punished more than others with isolation of society, I think it is too hard to him or her. They are human, before they are celebrity who committed the crime.

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