Do you believe educated people are capable of experiencing guilt?

  • Yes, they are.

    Guilt has nothing to do with education. Guilt is a natural feeling a human being gets. All people not matter what the difference is in them, they will experience guilt in there life. Even with them hopefully making more educated decisions, people with more education still make bad decisions in there life.

  • Yes, educated people possibly experience more guilt

    There is no evidence to support that educated people would not experience guilt. In fact, the more developed and informed view of the world that comes with an education could create a larger sense of guilt through a deeper understanding of others' experiences and the vast suffering in the world.

  • Yes, of course they are.

    Being educated does not make someone a sociopath. The simple act of being educated does not change the core of who a person is, typically, and educated people are just as capable of experiencing guilt, and other emotions, as those who remain uneducated. Guilt is a basic human emotion that almost everyone has.

  • Yes They Are

    I believe educated people are capable of experiencing guilt. I believe people who don't experience guilt can generally be considered a psychopath to some extent and I think they are more often found in managerial roles. I don't think this is associated with education, I think it can vary between people regardless of their education.

  • It is a natural emotion.

    Yes, I believe that educated people are capable of experiencing guilt, because guilt is a human emotion that all people experience, whether they are educated or not. Guilt is something that people feel. It cannot be gotten out of someone by educating them. People can manage emotions, but they cannot control them completely.

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