• They do not care

    Yes, I think that it will be pushed aside, and I feel like the leaders their are not paying a whole lot of attention to the movement. They are not going to let anything change, so the yought movement needs to just stop and focus on fixing their country up.

  • Unfortunately I do.

    the problem with Egypt is that there is still too much ignorance floating around and too many old school people cling to their religious conservatism. I do think the youth movement is too small and will be brushed aside by the powers at large. Everyone vying for power in Egypt is beyond corrupt.

  • They are a force.

    No, I do not believe that Egypt's Youth Movement will be pushed aside, because they have already shown that they have a great degree of power. Things in Egypt have been tumultuous. It is always the youth that have the most energy to push change. The children in Egypt, as in all countries, want a brighter future for themselves and their countries.

  • Egypt's Youth Movement

    I personally think that Egypt's Youth Movement should not be pushed aside because Egypt is known for their youth movement. I personally think that Egypt's Youth Movement should not be pushed aside because Egypt was known for helping their youth and striving for a better success within their youth. I personally think that Egypt's Youth Movement has lead the youth to being leaders.

  • Egypt's YOuth Movement will never be pushed aside

    The movement by the youth in Egypt will never be pushed aside. It is the young people that are reforming and changing Egypt currently. They are the ones who have been fighting for years to bring justice and a better government system than its predecessor. They will fight to the end to keep the movement going despite what may get in their way.

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