• Yes, energy efficiency can overcome the last mile.

    I think that when energy levels are efficiently used in an appropriate and non-wasteful manner, than it can definitely help in terms of being able to overcome the problem of the last mile. When energy levels are not efficiently used, then it can be difficult to deal with the last mile.

  • As things become less expensive.

    Yes, I believe that energy efficiency can overcome the problem of the last mile, as it becomes less expensive to ultimately reach consumers. Of course, there will always be great expense in delivering telecommunications services the last mile, because it has the fewest number of customers, it will always seem expensive by comparison.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe energy efficiency can overcome the problem of the last mile. Those issues would have never come up if there was better management of the energy. So of course being more energy efficient would overcome the problems of the last mile and will also overcome many other issues.

  • Yes it can

    Yes, I do think that if we increase the energy efficiency, which is a huge problem that we are facing today, then we will overcome the problem that we face involving the so called last mile. I think that the eneryg efficiency problem is causing a huge problem for us.

  • No, energy efficiency alone cannot overcome the last mile problem

    The last mile problem is a complex issue and as time goes on will only grow more so. While energy efficiency can be a major factor in overcoming the last mile problem it is unlikely to be the only thing that will solve the last mile problem, whether in the near or distant future.

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