• Yes, I think environmental justice cases are being taken as seriously as they should.

    While environmental laws in the US could be strengthened by a fair amount I think those cases brought before a court are being taking seriously and any verdict enforced seriously, I think as the laws get tougher you will see more and more cases receiver harsher and harsher punishments in the future.

  • Yes, environmental justic cases are being taken seriously.

    I think the cases that deal with environmental justice are being treated with enough consideration. I think a lot of these cases are legit, but some are also a little fraudelant. It's important that people decipher which cases warrant our attention as citizens, and which should be dimissed as being silly.

  • Environmental jstice is crucial

    Environmental justice is taken as serious as it needs to be. Most people are concerned with the environment and protecting it the proper amount. Many years ago society had a different point of view on this subject. Today with all the media attention that is focused on this, people are keenly aware.

  • They are overblown.

    Yes, I believe that environmental justice cases are being taken as seriously as they should, because true polluters and people that harm the environment are very severely punished. Those who are not severe polluters and are just trying to make a living in the energy field are often attacked by environmentalists.

  • No One Knows

    The problem with environmental justice cases is the fact that no one can really agree if global warming is a problem. With this being the case you can pick either side and find very valid and reliable people to support both sides. For this reason, environmental justice cases are not being taken serious.

  • The bribe still real

    Well, we all know that big industries bribe government to stay making more money. That's a reality, but the justice is justice, but they are not taking it as serious as it should. Government needs to pass laws to protect the environment. Also we need to fight hard to make them pass it.

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