Do you believe Eric Holder's stance that banning ex-felons from voting is unfair and counterproductive?

  • Yes, banning ex-felons from voting is unfair and counterproductive

    Banning ex-felons from voting is an unfair practice because there are many ex-felons that have rehabilitated themselves from the prison system and are productive members of society. I do believe that if felons are incarcerated that then they might deserve to lose voting rights based on there situation. However, I do not support retroactively taking away an ex-felons voting rights for life.

  • It should depend on the crime.

    If someone is a convicted murdered and after forty years he gets out he probably should not be able to vote, as something like that is completely horrible. If the offense was something like growing marijuana though, I wholeheartedly think that that person should be able to vote the second he is out of prison.

  • Banning ex-felons from voting is unfair.

    Within a larger society, perhaps banning ex-felons from voting is viable, but in the UK, this is not acceptable. Those that break the law should face consequences. However, taking their ability to change the lawmakers is only a viable strategy for the government, not the people. Ex-felons are still people. They should still have a say in how they are governed.

  • Yes I Do

    I live with someone that is affected by the banning of ex-felons from voting. As an American citizen I had no idea that ex-felons were not allowed to vote and it came as a great surprise to me. The person I live with is far more patriotic than myself and they even served in the military for a number of years, yet they can not vote. I think this is very unfair and counterproductive.

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