• People should have the right

    If someone broke into your house in the middle of the night you can't call 911 at gun point. But if you have a gun you can protect your family and home with it. If your walking down the street and someone tries to mug you. You could get mugged or if you have a gun you could shoot him. There has been more saved lives when there is a gun in the house than when there isn't one.

  • The second amendment in the bill of rights supports this idea

    Carrying guns may not please every one but sometimes they are needed to defend themselves. In the bill of rights it states "A well regulated Militia, being necassary to the security of a free state,the right of people to keep and bare arms shall not me infringed." so the goverment allows us to bare arms

  • American Constitution Supports Right to Bear Arms

    While none of us wish for a violent society, the US Constitution is explicitly clear in that it grants the right of citizens to bear arms. Having guns in public is a concrete example of bearing arms, so there can be no context where this would not be allowed. The only exceptions would be for criminals and the mentally unsound.

  • Yes, everyone has the right to openly carry guns.

    I believe that everyone has the right to openly carry guns. But I do think that the person should be a law-abiding citizen who has no criminal record. I also think that people should really take safety lesson as well to do so. I personally would not want to openly carry a gun though.

  • Some should not be allowed to

    Certain individuals should not be allowed to carry guns at all, much less openly. Anyone who fails to pass a gun safety course should not get the right, nor should anyone with a documented history of mental disease. Convicted criminals of certain kinds of offenses should also be forbidden to carry firearms or sidearms

  • no, i do not.

    This is the thing: it seems most people fail to realize that the right to bear arms doesn't mean that every man, woman, and child just get to carry firearms around with them wherever they are. This was meant for armed, regulated militias to protect against threats foreign and domestic.

  • No They Don't

    It is common fact that not everyone has the right to openly carry guns. This isn't a debate question, it is a fact. Should everyone be allowed? Absolutely not. Many of the problems we have associated with gun violence is carried out by people who aren't suppose to have access to them.

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