• Yes, it should.

    If we ever expect to move forward as a planet and as a people, we are going to have to start addressing what we did wrong in the past and be honest about it so it won't happen again. In fact, this is an imperative. We cannot keep repeating the same mistakes.

  • Evidence of torture should be revealed.

    Evidence of torture should always be revealed, by everyone. There are laws and regulations Nations abide by, and even if there were reasons that could be given for the torture then they should be explained. If you believe in what you did then you should have no problem talking about it.

  • Torture Shouldn't Be Used

    I believe evidence of torture should be revealed by Britain, if they have any evidence. I do not support torture despite knowing my country used it during the Iraq War. I believe the politicians and figure heads who allowed this to happen or felt it was okay to do, should be charged in an the International Court.

  • The people should know evidence of torture.

    Britain is obligated by her populace to reveal any evidence of torture found. Hiding such a serious thing as torture or evidence of torture would be a very irresponsible. A worse scenario would be to hide the evidence and the populace may find it on their own. That is how scandals start.

  • It is military practice.

    No, I do not believe that evidence of torture should be revealed by Britain, because Britain has not engaged in torture on a large scale. Telling what has happened would only give the terrorists something to claim they are mad about and a reason to attack us again. They are appropriate military secrets.

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