Do you believe extracting natural gas from shale or fracking is a process we should use a lot (yes) or limit (no)?

  • Increasing the use of fracking makes the United States safer.

    Increasing the use of hydraulic fracturing or fracking for the extraction of natural gas is a viable alternative energy option other than coal and gasoline. The United States has some of the largest natural gas reserves; so much so that it is possible to shift away from foreign oil. When natural gas is liquefied into liquefied natural gas or LNG for short it can then be used fuel vehicles; right now technology is at a point where LNG can be used as a cheaper and safer alternative than traditional gasoline as when burned LNG releases fewer harmful chemicals to the air. With natural gas the United States can have a safer, healthier energy option without relying on the uncertainty of foreign oil producing nations.

  • It is safe.

    Yes, I believe that extracting natural gas from shale or fracking is a process that we should use a lot, because there is a great deal of energy that we can get this way. Those who say that there are problems with it have made it up in order to demand compensation.

  • Yes, I think extracting natural gas from shale or fracking is a process we should use a lot.

    I think that extracting natural gas from shale or fracking is process we should use a lot. It is an efficient technique and should be used because it can be very beneficial for a lot of industries and businesses while being relatively safe for the environment. I support the processes.

  • No: Fracking is a Practice that Should Be Eliminated

    Fracking not only threatens water supplies with toxic chemicals, it also depletes water resources in a world of increasing scarcity. So much energy is being used to maintain a system which is bound to fall. Methane released from the production of natural gas is higher than once estimated, meaning fracking is also contributing one of the most potent greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. This sort of path is another false choice in spite of its bridge fuel label. Scientists have produced studies which indicate natural gas cannot adequately reduce emissions to avert catastrophic climate change. We have been deceived by powerful interests yet again.

  • Seems To Cause Problems

    Fracking was simply a theory a decade ago. Something we would try in the future when supplies and sources were getting slow. Now that it's been tried there are obviously some problems that weren't considered before hand. Due to these problems it is probably going to be necessary to limit the use of fracking and it may need to be banned.

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