• Freedom to Live

    There are many questionably ethical occurrences on a factory farm. The industrialization of lives regardless of species is a sickening thought, and the health concerns that come along with forcing these practices ripple through the other faces and bodies of the country. It is dangerous to gather food this way, and there is surely a more moral and kind way to do so.

  • Yes, animals are treated wrongly in factory farms.

    Yes, we all know that factory farms are bad for animals. That's why people only support local in many parts of the world. Factory farms care about one thing and one thing only: profit. If it's inefficient (like treating for the animals), then they don't care to have anything to do with it and will instead abuse the animals on the farm.

  • Factory farms have abusive practices

    Factory farming is abusive to animals and causes them to live in environments that are unhealthy and unsustainable. The animals are treated poorly and not given the space and nutrients necessary for a healthy and happy lifestyle. Factory foaming should not be allowed to continue in its current form. More should be done to take the animal's welfare into consideration.

  • Not In A Real Sense

    Animal activists would have every person on the planet stop eating meat. Most people would do this completely unaware of how to balance their diet and their health would then be in danger. I do not believe factory farms amount to animal abuse. They were created to help create more food.

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