Do you believe families should spend more time balancing their diet?

  • It is very important

    A person can actually make a healthy meal for about the same as an unhealthy one would cost, but its far more time consuming to do so, something the poor often can't afford to spend. Still, if people knew how much more important a healthy diet is, especially for kids, they would understand.

  • Yes, I believe families should spend more time balancing their diets.

    I believe overall families should make sure that everyone is getting the proper amount of certain foods that need to maintain being healthy and nourished, I think with all the information out there both on television and online it's easier then ever to be able to get a balanced diet.

  • yes they should

    yes, i do think that the people that are in this country today do need to do a lot more to make a healthy lifestyle, and i think that balancing their diet is the main thing that they need to do to make sure that they live a long time.

  • Families should spend more time balancing their diets.

    Yes, families should be more deliberate in planning what they are going to consume. Healthy eating habits start at home, and obesity is essentially at epidemic proportions in the United States. With obesity at an all-time high, the burden on the medical system is surely growing. Families eating balanced diets at home can help prevent future burden on the health care system and is an important action of personal responsibility.

  • Yes, families should spend time bettering their diets.

    I think that is a very beneficial thing for families to try to balance their diets and eat healthier. I think that if families can work together and think of ways to have a better diet, it is a positive thing. Not only can it make them healthier, it can also make the happier.

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