Do you believe family values are viable in today's world?

  • If you don't stand for sth, you will fall for anything.

    I believe family values are viable in today's world. First of all family values are a traditional set of social standards defined by the family and a history of customs that provide the emotional and physical basis for raising a family. It is the ideas that passed down from generation to generation.
    In a world of great worries, pressure and competing priorities, it is important and moreover necessary to keep family relations strong so as to stay in a good emotional and physical condition.

    Every family member should invest time and effort into creating an appropriate set of family values for his own family as every family have the vision of what their family should look like. And of course our previous generations bring influence on our opinion about family values.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I do think that family values are still a big thing in todays world, but in homes where the parents know how to raise up their kids good, and make sure that they have good manners and other things of that nature, and lead them towards a good life.

  • Yes, family values are viable in todays world.

    Even though family values seem to be a thing of the past in terms of pop culture, it definitely is something that is still viable in today's world. I think that people need to realize that family values is something that young people can respect without thinking that it is pointless.

  • Yes family values are very viable in today society.

    Family Values are not only viable today's world, they are an important element of life in the world today. But people have to understand that family values are not the same as religious values. Family should not be defined the by acceptance of any specific religious doctrine, but as accepting the basic good values that are the core of the 'Golden Rule.'

  • Family values are as viable as they have ever been.

    If families exist then so do family values. Even in toady's world, where in many places the notion of what constitutes family is rapidly changing, family values are indeed viable. Of course, values differ from one situation to the next. Some or all of the values from one family may not be considered valuable to another family.
    The question is perhaps too general though the implication is clear. Citing the average U.S. household as an example, the structure and behavior of families has drastically changed in just the last fifty years. With both parents working, child-care and senior-care, daily life has significantly altered from just a few generations ago. Nevertheless, family values exist still. The choices we make and the actions that we take ultimately define our values. Those values, for good or bad, are passed on to our children.

  • They are stronger thane ver.

    Yes, I believe that family values are viable in today's world, because there are so many families that still want to live in happy nuclear families. The Christian coalition and Focus on the Family are the examples of just how much power the Christian Community still has. These people encourage traditional values and ways of life.

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