• Fanaticism allows one to become part of a collective

    Is it fanatacism that is dangerous or is it the principles associated with the collective that the fanatic is a part? If the collective is a part of a mass organization that fights for a new society based on socialist principles, And the individuals involved have dedicated themselves to the success of that struggle, I think it is a good thing. If it's for a nationalistic and fascist struggle then I think it is bad. One is inclusive (good) the other is exclusive (bad).

  • It can be good

    Fanaticism as long as it is in the right measure can be a good thing, people who love things that are beyond their control can be very happy and integrated in a group that shares their passsion. This doesnt necesarily mean that you need to hate the one that thinks different, you can love something without hurting others and yourself

  • Yes, they can be a good thing

    I think as long as they are not hiding in the bushes they are fine for the person. The thing is, people need an escape. The passion they seek keeps them out of the real world for the time being, I feel that anything that keeps you from worrying about the world is a good thing.

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  • Even Qu'ran Is Against Fanaticism

    Fanaticism simply takes things way too far. Even Muhammad in the Qu'ran warned his followers that excessive fanaticism in religion is not what Allah intended. Fanaticism is horrible because it makes people obsess over things rather than let them focus on more important aspects of life like feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.

  • Fanaticism is bad.

    Fanaticism is a bad thing because it discourages seeing other view points. This can lead to conflicts. If someone is a fanatic about something they may go out of the way to defend it and encourage it, even if this is unwanted or harms others. Fanaticism can lead to arguments, violence, and war.

  • It's a bad thing.

    I believe that fanaticism is a bad thing. Not simply because the word fanaticism is typically tied with extremists or people doing something insane, but because it can be applied to a lot of things. Even harmless things. And, when you are fanatical, that throws the balance of your life way off.

  • Fanaticism is a good thing.

    Fanatics tend to be unreasoning and out of control regarding the issue or group they are fanatical about. Because they won't listen to reason regarding their opinions or the object of their devotion, they tend to cut off communication with others and draw boundaries between themselves and the rest of their communities. For the sake of better communication and understanding between people, fanatics should give it a rest.

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