Do you believe fast food restaurants should be held legally responsible for the obesity in America?

  • Yes

    Eating a diet consisting largely of fast food could cause your waistline to bulge more than eating the same amount of fat from healthier sources. Monkeys fed a diet rich in trans-fats - commonly found in fast foods - grew bigger bellies than those fed a diet rich in unsaturated fats, but containing the same overall number of calories. They also developed signs of insulin resistance, which is an early indicator of diabetes. Trans-fats, or partially hydrogenated oils, are found in many fast foods and also in baked goods and processed snacks. They dramatically increase the risk of heart disease - even more than saturated fats found in animal products. Kylie Kavanagh, at wake forest university Baptist medical center in Winston-Salem, north Carolina, us, wondered how this "killer fad?" Would affect the risk of diabetes in 51 vervet monkeys. She fed one group of monkeys a diet where 8% of their daily calories came from trans-fats and another 27% came from other fats. This is comparable to people who eat a lot of fried food, says Kavanagh. A different group of monkeys was fed the same diet, but the trans-fats were substituted for mono-unsaturated fats, found in olive oil, for example. Both groups ate the same total calories, which were carefully metered to be just enough for subsistence. Path to diabetes after six years on the diet, the trans-fat-fed monkeys had gained 7.2% of their body weight, compared to just 1.8% in the unsaturated group. Ct scans also revealed that the trans-fat monkeys carried 30% more abdominal fat, which is risk factor for diabetes and heart disease. "we were shocked. Despite all our enormous efforts to make sure they didn't gain weight, they still did. And most of that weight ended up on their tummies?" Says Kavanagh, who presented her findings at the American diabetes association meeting in Washington dc, on Monday. "this is walking them straight down the path to diabetes." This is the first study to show such a dramatic result on abdominal fat, adds dariush mozaffarian at the Harvard school of public health in Boston, us. "the days of thinking about fats just as calories are over?" He says. partially hydrogenated oils can easily be replaced by other oils during food production. Last week, fast-food giant Wendy's announced that it was cutting partially hydrogenated oils from its food in the us and Canada, while in January, food manufacturers in us were ordered to label all trans-fats on packaged goods.

  • Freedom of Choice hindered by Economy

    Everyone who voted no says that it is strictly the person's own fault that they are obese or unfit and out of shape. While some of this holds true, the fast food restaurants also hold responsibility. They are doing what the government allows because they are afraid to lose money. In the film, Food, Inc. it shows the leading cause of obesity and many diseases because of what our country does to us. Sure we all have choices but not everything we want is cheap. If society could afford to eat healthier, I am sure that many would choose to eat that way. The reason why most choose it is because it is fast and easy and money definitely does not grow on trees. As a 17 year old female, it is sad to see my generation become large and unhealthy because the economy wants to be sloppy. So to all those who blame the individuals for their choices, make sure you know their financial and personal problems and what your precious government hides from you before you point fingers because not everything you see is what you should believe.

  • Food, Media and Pharmaceutical industries bribe Congress and FDA

    So they can prey on citizen's weak wills, tempt everyone and then use the resulting bad health to sell them drugs. Greed and profit motives cause Congress and FDA to conspire against the American public to profit from them as they kill them - similar to drug dealers on the streets, it's organized, planned out, national and legalized crime against the People. People are too depressed, lazy, weak willed, entertained and isolated to fight back.

  • Fast food items lead to obesity because of using fatty oils in high quantity. Fast foods are mostly fried ones. People who consume fast food three times a day have a higher chance of obesity compared to other people.

    The main reason for obesity is the food we eat (although it may be because of heredity or hormonal disorder to a certain percentage). Fast food items are rich in fat, glucose and calories. This high intake of extra calories and glucose are not needed for the body's normal functioning and the extra is stored as fat. This leads to obesity.

    Posted by: 54r3nRodri
  • Fast food restaurants should be held responsible for obesity for a few reasons.

    First, because they serve extremely unhealthy food, like McDonald's for instance. They put a special chemical in their fries to make it look fresh. But in reality, they're old and rotten. Second, [yes, it is the people's choice] but they're being seduced by the cheap prices and "tasty &juicy" burgers on the commercials. They make you think it's you're choice. But it might not be. Third, the only reason fast food has it's great taste is because of all the grease they put in it. So, it isn't exactly you're choice unless you're forced to stay away [as some people are]. Lastly [and there is more reasons, I just won't put them all], we all know grease causes people to get overweight, which is basically obesity, but they make you eat there. If you have children that watch tv, you might know the pain of having your child beg you to take them to the place with "the happy fun clown". And if you have ever been to McDonald's, you know that the only Ronald McDonald there is a cardboard cutout. On the commercials, children that "love" McDonald's always get a visit from Ronald who brings them Happy Meals and plays with them. Children think if they eat and love McDonald's, they may have the chance to meet him. Honestly, if they continue, they may not even have the chance. A young boy got killed from some of the chicken from McDonald's by a chemical. His mother is still trying to pass a law and close down McDonald's.

  • Anon

    Forget about education, research, and free will; let’s all blame others for our own stupidity and ignorance.

  • Yes

    Yes because fast food restaurants market mostly to children, promising toys and making kids always want to go. And with cheap food and large proportions parents and adults don't mind. Even though mostly everything is full of sugar, even their salads! There are many more reasons why they're to blame, I had to do a research project and I was disgusted by the nutritional facts they try to hide. Don't believe me, look up the move "Super Size Me" by Morgan Scott.

  • Fat kids eat fast food.

    They start off by eating like twice a week then they start craving it and going there like five times a week. Soon they're too fat and can't get out of bed so they order fast food over the telephone and don't bother leaving the house. This results in a massive amount of obesity all because of a few trips to a fast food place.

  • Fast food restaurants should be held at least partially responsible for the epidemic of obesity in America. They profit by harming the health of our citizens.

    Fast food companies make enormous profits by hurting American citizens. Although people are to some extent responsible for their own health, fast food restaurants make it difficult for many people to eat healthily. Studies have shown that many urban areas constitute "food deserts," or areas where fresh food is much more difficult to come by than fast food, making fast food restaurants one of the only options that local residents have. In fast food restaurants and corner stores, it is nearly impossible to find healthy food. In fast food restaurants such as McDonald's and Burger King, even items such as salads have an incredibly large amount of fat and sodium.

    Posted by: 5h4tDuin
  • YES

    Yes they are because if they didn't have a lot of commercials on TV about their low price food then people wouldn't go to them as much. They are cheap foods and are made with things that may look gross to you before they cook it and when its done it makes you eat it. They make it from cheap products and they just arn't good for you. They make money while the USA gets fatter.

  • No!

    Fast food restaurants offer a service that is an excess, not a necessity. Nobody is forced to eat at fast-food restaurants. Besides, we have a free enterprise economy, meaning businesses have the right to produce what they want, sell it for what they want, and advertise it in any way that seems fit to them.

  • No, it does not

    People eat what they want to eat. It is not anyone's fault why people are obese. It is their money so let them spend it on what they want. So say you eat all your vegetables and you see someone with a bag full of candy. What would you do?

  • Fast Food Restaurants

    I do not believe they should be held responsible for the obesity in children because they are not forced to eat the greasy foods. Their parents know the danger involved with the fast food and know its not healthy for them. Ingredients in the foods are harmful even though it taste good.

  • Absolutely Not!

    People should be held responsable for their weight and how they deal with it. Fast food chains dont controll what people eat and dont force them to eat it. People eat it because they choose to. Also they choose not to exercise or do anything about their obesity problems. People can spend their money on what they want, they could purchase a hamburger from a fast food chain and greasy fries or they could buy a salad or fruit.

  • Freedom of choice

    They aren't dragging people into the fast food restaurants kicking and screaming, people choose whether or not to eat there. The restaurants might offer deals to get people in, but it's a business first and for most, they want to make money. My point is, you can't blame them on making a living, you should blame the customers paying.

  • No!

    Customers decide where to eat for themselves! Nobody forced the customers they had to eat there, they weren't forced! Most people who are obese over eat. It's not what you eat its how much of it you eat! Eating a thousand carrots isn't going to make your fat go away either!

  • Shouldn't even be a question...

    Its a simple answer when asked if it's the fast foods restaurants fault for obesity. The answer is NO! It is 100% the person choice to go to the fast food restaurant. For example: lets say there's a McDonald's and a Subway next to each other, if you choose the subway you're obviously choosing the healthier choice. So if you decide to go to McDonald's instead that your choice so don't go blaming fast food industries that your becoming a fat ass because you love french fries and big macs.

  • No. Fast food restaurants are never to blame for someones own mistakes.

    People are responsible for the own actions. There is an old saying: "You are what you eat". People eat fast food because they choose to eat it & if they get silly with how much they eat & get obese with bad health problems, then that is no ones fault, but their own. I don't think fast food should be baned, but people should moderate how much & how often they eat it.

  • No.

    Should car makers be held responsible for all automobile accidents? People have to be smart with how often they eat fast food, and if they're stupid with it it's their fault.

  • Its only a business

    its only a business trying to grow, that's why they put those commercials into the tv, it isnt Mcd's fault for making children/adult grow much more than usual. its people's fault who go there and eat there, they werent forced at all, they want to eat there, im certainly sure a lot of their friends have told them that it isnt healthy to eat instant food, it is also studied at school and also warned at school that fast food is not healthy but its their choice to still enjoy Mcd and continue eating there.
    as you said they were forced? i dont get how Mcd force people to eat there, as i said it is the matter of their choice, even though children begged their parents, they should act like one and tell them properly that it isnt healthy, convinced them that it is not good to always eat fast food all the time. Children's mind are easily influenced, parents could take an action to stop them from begging to eat there. i've been there, trust me, i know that it might be seductive but it is still the matter of choice that they want, we cant make them stop eating fast food, we could not make them do what we want because it's their life not yours. it is what they want not what you want. so again, fast food should not be held legally responsible for people's actions.

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soccerdancer14 says2014-04-10T17:46:17.737
Don't be fat
k5onehundred says2014-08-07T20:58:36.623
I don't believe that fast food restaurants are legally responsible for the obesity in America. The thing is they don't go for a walk or they don't engage in exercise.