• No,I don't believe lower food cost has anything to do with weight gain.

    I think lower food prices,especially on fruit and vegetables,will help lower the weight problem in the US. Lower prices means that people will have a greater variety of food to choose from. If they lower the price on fruit,veggies and lean meats,including fish,it will be easier to incorporate these into a regular diet because they will be more affordable than a box of high sodium,high cholesterol,high fat noodles or caned foods.

  • Yes I Do

    I believe there is a great disservice to people in your local super market. I believe it is fact that food that is sold at a lower price will indeed make you fatter. When you consider the cheaper options they often give you cheap, high calorie, high fat foods. A box of Hamburger Helper is usually a $1 and full of carbs. TV Diners are sold anywhere from $0.88 to $5.00 each, almost all of them bad for you. When you buy fresh foods you have to spend more and shop more often to keep your supply up, which ultimately means a higher food budget.

  • You only get fatter from overeating.

    No, I do not believe that all food sold at lower prices will make me fatter. There is no such thing as a fattening food unless you overeat. Staples like rice and pasta and quiona are very filling when consumed in small amounts, and they are very low priced. Individual units of fruits and vegetables often cost less than a dollar.

  • No, I don't think food that is sold at a lower will make somebody fatter.

    It is heavily dependent on what type of food it is but in general food sold at a lower price does not necessarily mean that it's going to make you fatter, sometimes the cheapest foods in a story are full of fats but that can be the same for the most expensive foods in the store.

  • No, lower-priced food will not make you fat.

    I do not believe that food that is priced lower than other type of foods will necessarily make you fat. I think that it all depends on the type of food that it is. There are a lot of foods that are higher in fat and sugar content that are more expensive than their healthier counterparts.

  • Not at all

    No, just because a food is sold at a lower price does not mean that it is going to be worse about making you fatter. you just have to watch what you eat and the amount of calories that you take in every day, and you will be just fine.

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