• In both Rugby and Soccer, I give this a yes

    Goal line technology is very much supported in soccer. When going for touchdowns in rugby, This method will obviously help us into knowing that if the team will receive the points they need - just like in soccer! I am all into this motion, And I hope you will hit that thumbs up and say yes!

  • Yes it does

    Yes,I think goalline technology is important.Ifit don't have it there could be a fight, or disturbance to the soccer play.Also, IT could tell the truth.Especially worldcups.
    The peoples angle of the see colud be diffrent.
    Finally, I say football needs goal line technology. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Yes it Does

    Football needs goal line technology. If it is a goal and isn't counted that can change the whole game. Football is a game of some times only a few chances so for the sake of getting a simple thing right it is worth getting it right. It would be a good start to bring it in-in the next World Cup

  • Technology is needed in football

    Technology is needed for the goal line in professional football. It will help the referees out and the players on the teams will have confidence that the right calls wil always be made. The referees are not perfect so they sometimes make mistakes but this system will help them out very much.

  • Yes, I think football needs goal line technology.

    I believe the more cameras and views we have on the game the better to give a more accurate and precise call when the human eye can not quite make out if it was a score or not, It can only help the game by relying more on technology instead of just eyeballing it.

  • It would resolve disagreements.

    Yes, I believe that football needs goal line technology, because it would get rid of all disagreements about whether a goal should actually count. It might not seem significant, but in the middle of a very important match, having the technology to ensure the game is decided properly could resolve a lot of controversy.

  • yes it does

    Yes, I do think that the use of this goal line image is a really good tool for finding out the truth behind some of the really close calls that we get in the football of today. I think that we need to make sure that it stays around for good.

  • No, football doesn't need goal line technology.

    If the NFL or football in general were ever able to create something that made determining touchdowns better, then I'm all for it. Maybe put a sensor at the goal line that activates when a chip in the football is utiized. But other than that, football is fine the way it is.

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