Do you believe forgiveness requires the highest level of human development?

  • Forgiveness is hard to do.

    I do believe that forgiveness require the highest level of human development because it is a hard thing to do. When you forgive someone, you are truly developing yourself as a person. You must teach yourself and develop skills to forget wrong someone has done to you or another person and it is a hard task to accomplish.

  • Yes, its hard to forgive

    I know the last thing i want to do is forgive someone. Its beyond some people's scope to apologize to the people they wronged,but it seems some people can. I think unless you are the better person, you won't see most people apologize to the person they hurt or whatever.

  • Yes, I think forgiveness requires the highest level of human development.

    To truly forgiven someone who has deliberately wronged you is something that requires extreme mental willpower and extreme development in general, those who are able to do this in my opinion have reached the highest level of human development, it is much easier to get mad at someone and stay mad at them it's much harder to actually forgive them.

  • Forgiveness is often the easiest solution.

    Forgiving someone is often the easiest and most effective solution to a problem with another person. Often times, the mistake was an accident, or the problem with the individual was sorted out. In these cases, forgiving someone is the most effective way of benefiting from the friendship. On the other hand, if the problem is likely to continue, or trust is not restored, forgiveness is the incorrect path to take. Only forgive someone if you feel that they are unlikely to wrong you again in the same way. Otherwise, you are lying to yourself and delaying future tension.

  • No It Doesn't

    I believe forgiveness is a tough thing for people to do, but I am sure that it is a trait that has been found among humans for longer than we realize. I think acts that are altruistic require the highest level of human development. I think forgiveness is more universal.

  • No it doesn't

    The power of forgiveness comes from within the person's soul to forgive. You go through stages of forgiveness at first you are angry, than you think about it and then you finally get to the point of where you realize where you played a part and then you are ready to forgive the person that wronged you.

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