• They Should Be

    I believe fraternities should be banned by colleges in an effort to more fully support non-gender based clubs. I do not believe fraternities bear any importance on the real world and they are an archaic institution that should be dismantled. I think colleges should do more to support clubs and other organizations that actually benefit students.

  • Fraternities Banned By Colleges

    I personally think that fraternities should not be banned by colleges because that is a part of college and it is like a club that students attend as well as join. I personally think that fraternities should not be banned by colleges it is a great way to communicate with others.

  • Say no to banning fraternities.

    While writing an argumentative essay on whether or not fraternities promote misogyny, I realized some things relating to this topic. Some fraternities (not all of them), like ones that promote sexual assault and rape through drugs and alcohol, will continue their activities and may even create more insidious ones if their fraternity is banned. This is why it's important to keep fraternities to protect girls from what could be coming next, but it is also important to keep a close eye on the troublesome fraternities now to try and prevent sexual assault and rape.

  • Right to peaceful assembly

    A fraternity is a social club. So the question could be restated "Do you believe social clubs should be banned by colleges?"

    Fraternities and sororities can do a lot of good if you choose the right one.

    If a particular fraternity or any social club is as an organization (not just some bad apples) engaging in serious offenses then that's another issue.

  • No, don't ban fraternities.

    If there is going to be any sort of ban on fraternities, maybe it should be specific things that take place within them; particularly some of the ritualistic nonsense or the hazing that some of these kids go through. The thing is, though: most Frats are harmless and wind up producing very successful people.

  • not at all

    No, I think that these groups do a lot of good for a college, and give a way for students go get active in a club and have a much better social life than they would if these fraternities were took away and gotten rid of completely by all colleges.

  • Not all bad

    I don't think that fraternities are all bad and they should not be banned. Some people find a strong sense of brotherhood by joining a fraternity and it allows them to network and create life long friends. It helps people also not feel alone when they go off to college.

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