Do you believe free museums should encourage visitors to pay a voluntary entrance fee?

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  • Yes, because it supports the museums.

    Yes, free museums should encourage visitors to pay a voluntary entrance fee. No matter what free deal offered by an organization, they still need a way to make money. Through that comes growth and expansion, as well as supporting the foundation. A voluntary entrance fee ensures that, without pressuring or forcing upon the visitors to chip it. It's charitable donation after all.

  • Yes, I believe that would be fair.

    I see no problem with free museums trying to obtain voluntary entrance fees. Museums require a large budget and funds are constantly being cut. Any money left over after operating expenses could be placed in a reserve fund for a future expenditure. Just because a museum is free today, there is no guarantee it will continue to be free.

  • Why would they not?

    I think it would be smart for them to ask for voluntary donations, but not make it mandatory. It would be a good way for them to gain extra income that could help them out with expenses around the museum. It's a good idea and it wouldn't hurt them at all.

  • Donations Should Be Encouraged

    Living near Saint Louis and having access to free museums, a free zoo, and a free science center; I do believe they should encourage visitors to pay a voluntary entrance fee. I think it is best to call this a donation or ask for a donation. I don't think visitors should be harrassed but even a small donation helps.

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  • No, free museums should stay completely free to the public

    While it is surely a tempting thing for free museums to solicit voluntary fees from the public, the practice would just serve to discourage or shame members of the public that are too poor to pay. There are much more effective ways for a free museum to get the funding they need from people who do have the money to spend, things like having a gift shop with a nice selection and holding regular fundraisers.

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