• Yes they should!

    I think they should because it would give them a heads up as to what college life feels life. The ups and downs, the fun times and serious times. Sleepless nights ad meeting new people. This will allow them to have an opened mind and also environmentally aware. As a college student, i have some real good experiences while on the other hand some disturbing one but it's worth it.

  • Yes college freshmen should be required to live on campus.

    The majority of college freshmen are living away from home for the first time, requiring them to live on campus for their first year provides them with time to develop solid living skills and to mature into young adults. If also provides a since of community since they are sharing common issues and concerns with other students.

  • Freshmen , should they be required to live on campus?

    I support the requirement for college freshman to live on campus. I believe that any person out of high school going into college needs that real life change in their lives to make them realize how important their education is. It will also help the student seperate their home life from their school life.

  • No, I do not think freshman in college should be required to live on campus

    Freshman in college should be able to choose where they live just as any other college student would. Often times living on campus, or in the dorms as most universities prefer freshman to do, it far more expensive than other places at the university. In my own personal experience dorms are often times 50 percent more expensive than other apartments close to the university.

  • Where you live does not affect your ability to learn.

    It should not matter where freshman live while they attend college. Even if they live far away, as long as they can handle the burden of traveling back in forth, it should not matter. If colleges did require students live on campus, then it would be a rule that should apply to all students, not just freshman.

  • No they should not

    No, if they live close to the campus or have a way of living off of campus then they should not be required to live on campus. It should be all up to the student, and the campus administration should not be able to make the decision for the students.

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varun1032 says2014-02-24T14:54:12.133
Yes it will be better to alive on campus due to fresher do not know how to alive outside or struggle their own duty .

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