Do you believe gas prices will be lowered if Obama follows through on oil market regulations?

  • Gas regulation, not speculation standards are required

    Value cannot and should not be based on speculation. The price will always go up under that consideration. Americans need to stop whining and elect the people that will do everything in their elected power to lower prices, or higher wages. Any idiot who says different has their own interests, be it stocks and trade, ownership or distribution. Meanwhile the little guy gives every dollar just to continue. This country will listen one way or another. I just don't look forward to the other. Did someone say "Revolution"?

  • Yes, of course.

    If President Obama follows through on oil market regulations, the prices will have to drop, otherwise it will be hard for these big oil businesses to do well in the United States. This will make for more competitiveness, which usually does wind up dropping the prices of things--including gasoline, of course.

  • He knows best

    Yes, I think if they do pass oil market regulations, then it will have been well thought out in advance, and the people behind it will know what the outcome will be. I think that this program will be a good thing for the oil market, and will help us out.

  • Prices Destined To Climb

    I believe Americans need to stop holding onto the idea that gas prices should be lower. We are using a finite resource that we need to replace. The price of gasoline is destined to climb and stopping that climb in price is counter intuitive to finding usable replacements. Oil market regulation shouldn't lead to gas price decline because Americans already pay far less than we should for gas.

  • The government can't control oil prices for the public.

    Gas prices will not be lowered if Obama follows through on oil market regulations. This is because the oil market will find another way to exploit the public with fluctuating and very high prices. I don't think the government really has that much control over the energy market to be able to do this.

  • Regulating Oil results in less oil.

    Oil prices will go up. This will happen regardless of the actions of Obama. Oil prices will not ever go down. Oil prices will likely significantly increase because of regulation. The oil industry will do this as reprisal for increased regulation, regardless of whether they need to be raised or not. The oil industry will use the increased regulation as an excuse. This is the nature of the beast. However, refinement and other portions of petroleum handling will improve and help the future by providing less waste.

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