• Its not beneficial or healthy.

    GMO's should be abolished instead of waiting for something bad to happen. Something should only be consumed if its natural. It can cause allergic reactions due to any genetic variation. We don't have any idea what type of genetic variation is in the organism. The geneticists don't think that labeling a GMO is needed. Genetically modified plants don't have a specific effect of native species and could cross pollinate making effects unknown.

  • As long as it's safe

    Genetically modified organisms should be strictly regulated, controlled, and studied, but as long as they are proven to safe and effective for our climate and environment, there is no reason to get rid of them. Natural resources on this Earth are finite, and genetically modified things are made with the best of intentions.

  • No, this is the future.

    These genetically modified organisms are not harming anyone. They should not be at all abolished, but for those who do not eat with genetically modified foods, they can choose organic. These things have a bonus, and science is really cool when using it to its strength because there are actually health benefits to modified foods.

  • Should Be Studied

    I do not believe we have enough information available on genetically modified organism to decide their fate at this time. I believe we need to take the time to research the actual safety of genetically modified organisms. Not until we do that will we really understand if this product is safe or possibly harmful.

  • not at all

    No, I think that it is a very good thing that you can have here in the US, and I think that a whole lot of good will end up coming from these genetically different things that we arre now able to make and to make a perfect new organism.

  • No, I don't think genetically modified organisms should be abolished.

    I think that we should continue creating genetically modified organisms because they can lead to great advanced in research and technology, I think that as long as certain precautions are taking on what exactly these genetic modified organisms are doing then I have no problem with them continuing to exist.

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