Do you believe gentrification does more harm than good (yes) or more good than harm (no)?

  • Forcibly rid towns of minorities and lower class

    Gentrification is just a fancy word for buying out. You put in an exspensive park or condo and everyone who has built a community in this area is forced out because they cant pay the new increased rents or etc. then rich pesople move in or buy the land for big buildings or malls etc. Its disgusting. Just a way to rid towns of those that need homes but arent fourtunate enough to pay for homes in more exspensiveplaces. There is a way to improve areas and town without gentrifying.

  • Gentrification removes urban identity.

    The plague of the hipsters. They move in without warning and spread quickly. Before you know it, there's girls walking around with dreadlocks and guys with soul patches and wearing womens pants. Communities let the hipsters in because they bring their parents money. The eventuality of it is, someone's parent will be a developer that buys up all the land in the downtown neighborhood that they worked so hard to develop, and turn it into condos.

  • Gentrification More Harm

    I personally think that gentrification does more harm than good because being middle class can be more like you have a lot of money but you think it is more about the money than anything. I personally think that gentrification does more harm because it makes individuals feel like they are higher than a lower class.

  • A good thing

    I think that this is a good thing, and helps out a whole lot of people. I think that their is not a whole lot of harm that comes from it, and that many people would benefit a lot from using it. I think that it does more good than harm.

  • Helps Maintain Properties

    I believe gentrification does more good than harm. Many older neighborhoods have been brought back to life thanks to gentrification and it often leaves the poorer residents who owned property in a better standing given they owned their home outright. I have personally benefited from gentrification and home ownership through my twenties. I'm not rich and I didn't get rich, but the poor me wasn't harmed by gentrification.

  • It gives cities new life.

    I believe that gentrification causes more good than harm, because the city comes back to life. Neighborhoods that were more or less deserted or covered with crime are now popular again. Gentrification can also improve diversity in the neighborhoods where it occurs. Rather than being wastelands, the inner city comes back to life with gentrification.

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