• This was clearly a race related case

    Yes, I do believe that George Zimmerman should face Civil Rights charges from the Justice Department. Although Zimmerman claims that his actions were self defense, the evidence shows that he was defending himself from anything. Trevon Martin fit the description of a young black male walking in the dark and he was stereotyped. It was not fair and justice was not served.

  • Yes He Should

    I believe George Zimmerman should face civil rights charges from the Justice Department. I believe his murder of Martin was most definitely racially motivated and his actions were based on racial stereotypes. Just because Zimmerman is incapable of admitting these facts doesn't mean the case shouldn't be tried. The Martin family was denied justice in the court room but America needs to make sure an example is set for this kind of crime.

  • Not at all

    No, I think that what he did was very fair, and that the person that he had to kill needed to be killed. I think that the boy he shot was trying to hurt him very bad, and that the kid gave him no choice but to use his weapon in defense.

  • ZImmerman cannot be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Whether or not Zimmerman behaved inappropriately or not is a question that cannot be answered with only his side of the story. However, in review of the evidence, there is no evidence that his actions were motivated by racial prejudice (the full 9-11 tape shows that race is only brought up by the operator) and the actions he took can be consistent with self-defense. In the U.S., one is innocent until proven guilty and Zimmerman's case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and would be unlikely to prove even civilly using the standard preponderance of evidence.

  • Justice will never be served.

    No, I don't. George Zimmerman is scum. From his latest interview, he's obviously mentally incapable of accepting responsibility for his actions (no wonder he's a conservative). Further attempting to punish him would just be polarizing. Better to let him live out the rest of his life as a destitute, ostracized failure.

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