Do you believe Georgia (yes) or Russia (no) was right in their recent border conflict?

  • Georgia has the right

    In the most recent times across various news events many believe Russia has gone too far with different events. Russia and its leaders need to slow down with the many different events that have come to light. This also includes the different events that took place with the country with Ukraine.

  • The breakup of the USSR.

    I believe that Georgia was right in the recent border conflict with Russia, because the land was promised to Georgia as part of the break up of the USSR. It is almost as if Russia has been waiting for a weak president and reclaim all of these areas, like they are currently doing in crimea.

  • Georgia attacked Russia

    In the recent South Ossetia conflict, Russia was attacked by Georgia and therefore the Russians were well within their rights to react with their military. The history in the region is filled with strife, but the most recent conflict began with Georgia shelling and eventually attacking South Ossetian city Tskhinvali.

  • Russia Is Right

    I believe Russia was right in their recent border conflict. The conflict led to new lines and changes for the people in those areas. It would seem the conflict is over and settled. Russia is simply protecting its interests and setting a precedent. America does the same thing at the same level. Why should we expect the Russian government to act differently than ourselves.

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