Do you believe gladiator battles would be a popular modern sport?

  • It Would Be Entertaining

    I dislike modern weapons they require the skill to calculate where the bullet will land and taking care of the guns.If you mean gladiator battles with 2 men it would be great because you'd be able to see all the individual movements the skill required footwork,body position,parrying,etc.Also it would be great to watch reenactments of important or historic battles.Personally I have no problem with death if your going to die might as well make it exciting,I would like to die skydiving with no parachute,so dying during battle would be okay as long as I accomplished something before.

  • Yes, they already are

    I know that gladiator battles would be a popular modern sport, because they already are. The sport of boxing, in which two men -- or even women, now -- try to beat each other into unconsciousness, is essentially gladiatorial combat. It doesn't result in death -- usually -- but if fights to the death were socially acceptable, I'm sure there'd be a huge audience.

  • Yes, I think they would be a huge success.

    Yes, I think gladiator battles would be a huge success as a modern sport. I could even see them becoming an Olympic event. Given the popularity of the WWE and "Friday Night SmackDown", I can see society making an easy transition to gladiator games in the near future. I believe this would also provide a physical outlet for many people.

  • Yes they were

    Well considering the fact that gladiator battles were indeed very popular at one time could very well mean that they could somehow still be considered entertaining at least to some people. Albeit there has been TV shows that resemble gladiator battles like American Gladiators although not as bloody in nature as the ones that took place in the Colosseum of course.

  • People would watch that.

    Yes, I believe that gladiator battles would be a popular modern sport, because people would pay to watch that. People like to watch bull fighting. They like to watch fake gladiator fights. People even watch people wrestle on television. It would not be a much bigger step that people would watch gladiator battles.

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