• No, we are too selfish.

    As human beings, it would be ideal if we could create a global community with a global political will. Unfortunately, those in power want to keep power and those who overthrow that power soon turn into what they have rebelled against. So it does not look like we will be able to cooperate enough for this.

  • Yes it is

    Yes, I do believe that global political will is viable for sure. I think that the will of all off the politicians is very strong, and that they will do whatever it takes and work very hard so that they can get into the office that they want to get in.

  • It Is Doubtful

    I do not believe global political will is viable. I believe there are too many forms of government and the world is sliced into a lot of different small domains. I believe it is still to early in the process of globalization to have things done on a global scale.

  • Global political will is not viable at this point

    Global political will is not a viable option at the current time. To many countries are focused on their own agenda to make this possible. Besides you would have to many leaders not willing to relinquish control. Mix that with language barriers and you end up with chaos if this was attempted.

  • Government needs to be decentralized

    Human societies are diverse and creative and, while there is room for global condemnation of particular acts, the idea of a political will which transcends nations and places is unlikely for three simple reasons: 1) We do not all agree. There will always be dissenting views in any society. 2) We do not share the same interests. Cultures may share values, but they do not share them equally. 3) Global will does not translate into a global right. No matter how many people ascribe to a belief, the bandwagon is not evidence of legitimacy.

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