Do you believe global warming is just an excuse for a liberal global warming agenda?

Asked by: Adam2
  • While I normally underestimate liberals, this is just an excuse for more government control agenda

    To me this global warming is just an agenda for environmentalists to impose their ways on the populace. Most liberals tend to be stupid but the global warming types like Al Gore are a threat to freedom lovers. I think that global warming usually has no basis in reality, and that it's just an excuse for those concerned about their volvos.

  • The ice caps were predicted to melt by 2000 (in 1970's).

    BUT the exact opposite is happening! The oceans were expected to rise dramatically, but they have not! (1970). The Antarctic ice caps are growing at an unseen rate this year (2014) and scientists have only been observing temperature OBJECTIVELY since the 1960's, which already proves global warming wrong, but now it is called "climate change" by liberals, which proves this further.

  • Absolutely a scam

    You have to be pretty arrogant to think people can have that much of an effect on an atmosphere that has been running hot and cold for millenniums. So sad for those who are so ignorant and have this tiny little world in which they think. Another ignorant liberal thought process.

  • Typical liberal Agenda

    To compensate for the lack of successes the Democrats have had they needs some ways to still trick voters. The first is always playing the "Republicans are racist" card and then this. The only reason the climate is changing is because the climate has always been changing. While the democrats insist on moving on from fossil fuels Russia, China and other growing powers are opening more refineries and coal mines, which is bad for the US.

  • There is still plenty of room for debate

    The 97% consensus has been debunked numerous times so whenever you hear that it's bull. Not to mention science has never operated on consensus. There are plenty of people there in the scientific community not believe that it is been overblown and that we have much more real problems the immediate problems to fix.

    According to Al Gore The polar ice caps supposed to already be melted. I would like to see a very good debate with prominent Scientist from both sides. When one side whether it's the right or the left says the debate is over you know the debate is not over.

  • Do you hold up in bunker or something ?

    Seriously have you even been outside in oh I Don't know the last 7 years its been getting colder record length winters , ice cap is bigger than in the 60's. Not to mention they say the main cause of global warming is carbon emissions , actually the biggest greenhouse gas is water ( than nitrogen , than methane , ect ) carbon is actually one of the least in contributing to greenhouse gases . And most actual meteorologists ( not people who haven't studied weather ) agree that global warming is fake . Global warming is a fear factor that they get major population centres ( that happen to be in areas that would be flooded a summing the water level rises ) to vote for them .

  • No, I don't.

    If the world rises by: (in F)

    1.8 degrees; stronger hurricanes, flooding in Northern Europe. (around Netherlands)

    3.6 degrees; Shanghai will be submerged, Heat waves across Europe, Glaciers feeding India's rivers melt causing flooding, Plants become heat stressed, emitting CO^2 rather than storing it causing the Global warming process to speed up, forest fires, drying riverbeds

    5.4 degrees; The Amazon Rain Forest, Also called the lungs of the world since it produces 10% of the world's oxygen, is killed off by a combination of of drought and fire. It demise release huge amounts of CO^2 into the atmosphere. Elsewher, billions starve as crop yields dwindle. Swathes of Africa, India, and China are now wastelands. Around 80% of the Aric Sea ice has melted and would raise global sea levels up by 84 feet. Submerging many low land countries like Bangledesh.

    7.2 degrees; sea levels rise 3 feet year causing Britain to be a bunch of small islands. Florida and many other parts of the U.S. is submerged under water. Dessertification causes people in the Mediterranean to abandoned. In northern latitudes, the melting of permafrost increases raises sea levels yet furthur.

    9.0 degrees; All rain forests are all now deserts and all ice has been melted causing sea levels to be more than 197 ft than it is now. Migrant Populations spread across the world in search of food

    10.8 degrees; As oceans get warmer they can't support marine life, Stagnant seas release hydrogen sulfide that poisons the land. If flammable methane is ignited (by like lightning), huge firballs sweep across the land, causing more loss of life.

    Source: Talk Nerdy To Me
    copyright 2013

  • No evidence for this, plenty for Global Warming

    This is a delusional theory that has no single shred of credible evidence. Global Warming is accepted to be a reality and human made by 97% of the global scientific consensus. 97%. I sincerely doubt that 97% of scientists (who are not politicians) are wrong. Besides, what actual negative consequences (apart from some economic hurt I'll admit) is there from enforcing the preventative measures to tackle Global Warming? We clean up the atmosphere? Stop polluting? Stop our dependence on finite fossil fuels? These are all positives.

  • This is like saying that Gravity is just a liberal agenda

    The mere fact that science gets conservatives panties in a bunch doesn't mean that it is a liberal agenda. I am getting sick and tired of big business republican conservatives making life harder for scientists and freethinkers. If they really hate science so much why don't they just lock themselves in their house, watch Fox News, and whenever logic enters their alternate realm of reality they put their fingers in their ears and scream. Oh wait... They already do that.

  • No, that would be pointless

    Republicans are in the pocket of energy businesses. They have an agenda here. The last administration was willing to wage an illegal war, spend 6-8 trillion dollars of our money, and kill over 300,000 people just so Exxon and Halliburton could get a piece of that oil.

    If you think they aren't willing to lie and propagandize in favor of these conglomerates, you're naive in a way I don't understand.

    The fact of the matter is climate change is a real and pressing concern. So much so that every major government is taking steps to curb pollution.

  • It is not

    There was a time when republicans were the ones who believed in global warming, so this is not all liberal stuff. Also, scientists and people around the world have concerns about global warming, American liberals are just some in the U.S., and America's people are falling behind in education which is a great concern of mine.

  • Of course not!

    Whether you are conservative or liberal there's plenty of evidence to support global warming. This is not a matter of opinion, By the way. Reality doesn't care if you believe in something or not. That's your problem. The scientific literature on that matter is pretty much definitive and asking about peoples opinions in this subject is harmful to an objective view of nature.

  • Blame shifting by Cons.

    To conservatives is nothing more than to shift the blame to others. Planetary ice is melting--no it's not or some how it's liberal policies that are responsible. The ambient temperature is increasing--no it's not or if it is it is somehow the responsibility of liberal policies, So long as you can shift the blame to others and deny personal responsibility it doesn't matter what happens--it will always be the liberals fault. They live in the perfect world ob blame shifting--global warming, If it exists lies at the feet of liberals. ISIS, (we know they exist) lies at the feet of liberals.. So no matter the evil we face in the world it's always lies at the feet of liberals. Cons live in a blameless world. What a wonderful world they live in...

  • The scientific method

    If more than 95% of scientists in a field agree that humans are causing global warming, the only way we can disagree is to admit that we are disregarding science because we prefer our own opinions. There is no way to logically argue against climate change, and there is no argument about whether or not humans are causing it.

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