• Yes, I believe Google's "polls" search shows bias.

    Yes, I believe Google's "polls" search shows bias because only a particular group of people will look at the Google polls. There will always be a bias in the polls. The only way to truly know how the country feels is by holding the election. Today will show who the US prefers.

  • hmm Google's "polls" search does shows any bias

    psychologist Robert Epstein reveals evidence that Google is manipulating search results related to Hillary Clinton that may “shift as many as 3 million votes” in the upcoming presidential election.

    Earlier this year, Matt Lieberman of Sourcefed published a video that claimed Google’s autocomplete suggestions were biased in favour of Clinton. The video went viral, with an abridged version of it being viewed over 25 million times on Facebook.

    Epstein set out with his colleagues at the American Institute for Behavioral Research (AIBRT) to investigate the claims. They concluded that whilst the investigation is ongoing, their report “generally supports” Lieberman’s video.

    In order to test the results, Epstein and his associates tested hundreds of different response terms related to the election, using Yahoo and Bing search as a control. Each search was also conducted through proxy servers, such as the Tor network, to make it very difficult for Google to identify the researchers and thus customize the search results for them.

    It is somewhat difficult to get the Google search bar to suggest negative searches related to Mrs. Clinton or to make any Clinton-related suggestions when one types a negative search term. Bing and Yahoo, on the other hand, often show a number of negative suggestions in response to the same search terms. Bing and Yahoo seem to be showing us what people are actually searching for; Google is showing us something else — but what, and for what purpose?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Smart phone manufacturers should set the automatic default search engine to Bing. While it may not have been obvious to everyone that google cannot be trusted, this study brings it further into the light that google has become far too arrogant in its desire for control and power over the people. Congress should also set a law making it illegal to manipulate search engine results. I'm not a fan of big government and more regulations, but super corporations like google need to be controlled or they'll pull junk like this.

  • No, it does not .

    If you search for polls on other search engines they have basically the same results. It does not seem to matter where these results come from, they are basically the same. Trump and some of his supporters are saying they are biased becasuse they want to win at all costs.

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