Do you believe governments should focus on wealth redistribution (yes) or wealth creation (no)?

  • Redistribution is more fair then creation

    I myself, would rather live in a society where everyone is poor, then a society where only a select few amount of people are rich, but everyone else is poor. I think it should be a greater priority to make sure that everyone gets the same amount of what we have, then to get more stuff

  • I believe governments should focus on wealth creation.

    I believe governments should focus on wealth creation. Countries that have tried wealth distribution have failed. People do not like having their money taken away and given to other people. If the government focused on creating wealth more people would become productive, since there are more jobs. Earning your own wealth would be more satisfying than having it given to you.

  • Redistribution doesn't work.

    No, I do not think that governments should focus on wealth redistribution, instead of weal creation, because wealth redistribution does not work. There is not a pie that is a fixed size. If we create more wealth, the people who have it will spend it, and we will all be better off.

  • Government should seek to develop wealth creation which benefits the poorest members.

    Not all wealth creation benefits those at the bottom and most redistributive schemes garnish no net benefit to society and in many cases hamper improving economic conditions. Wealth creation which does not benefit all is when slavery in some form is used, and thus government needs to ensure that individuals are competent and able to negotiate a rate of salary for their time. Projects which lower the overall cost of production by allowing profit margins to widen in industries that would not be profitable will encourage job creation at a rate that will push wages up, rather than schemes of sending wealth to others without increasing social net outputs.

  • No, they should not

    I think the government should mainly focus on bringing down the budget. This way we can make a dent in the deficit. The country should be able to spread the wealth if we fixed that first. If that means bringing troops home, its what we are going to have to do. Wealth has will just be number 300 on a long list of issues to deal with later.

  • Wealth creation is the way to go.

    Wealth redistribution would just be moving money around. In no time, the rich will be rich and the and the poor will be poor in no time at all. Raising the pay of the regular people would help to create wealth throughout. Most people are willing to work an honest day for honest pay. Unfortunately, too few people are paid properly.

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