Do you believe governments (yes) or scientists (no) should be responsible for reporting significant findings to the public?

  • Yes, I believe the government should report findings.

    I think it should be left up to the government to report significant scientific findings to the public. Scientists are highly trained and highly focused on their research. It would be wrong to interrupt their thought process long enough to formulate an announcement in terms that the public was capable of understanding.

  • Yes governments should report findings.

    Government is supposed to be in place for the best interest of the people they govern. They should report significant findings to the public to place their citizens out of harms way. Knowledge is power and withholding information keeps all the power in he government leaving citizens without a voice.

  • the second choice

    I think that the best thing to do would be to let the people who found the evidence and know a whole lot about the subject tell the public about what they have found. I think that this would make sure the facts that were told are a the right.

  • People do not trust governments.

    I think scientists should report findings to the public. The problem with governments is that the general public will always distrust them and their motives for revealing information. The public on the whole trust scientists to be objective, and are more likely to trust the information that they report as being unbiased and the truth.

  • No, Science is unbiased and discoveries should be as well

    Too many discoveries are held as secrets because they would upset the projected majority. The Government too often tries to hide scientific breakthroughs to pacify religious groups or social norms. Science has no obligations to these groups and seeks only to find the truth. Science should get the full credit for everything in the field and all the responsibilities,including distribution of information.

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